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This site makes extensive use of Google Maps services: Maps, Geocoding, Geolocation, Autocomplete, Directions, functions for determining locations, altitudes, routes and distances on the map.

Based on visitor numbers and the strongly increased Google rates, the entire site can now only be used against payment, made adsfree.

This way we can keep costs under control. In the meantime, we continue to improve the site and we may be able to offer the site for free again in future by using open source solutions.

Good to know ...
1. Although we also work with Open Street Maps, all underlying functions are currently being delivered by Google Maps!
2. Coordinates conversion remains accessible for free!
3. If you already do not see any advertisements on our site, you may use adblockers ...

You can continue to use this site for € 9.99 per year.
An adsfree website, with maximum screen width and screen height for the map. Examples (of dutch version) are here:


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