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You pay us a small amount. And you will receive an adsfree website, with maximum screen width and screen height for the map

We use the following fees:
GPScoordinates.eu adsfree during 1 year€ 9,99
All amounts are VAT included, without invoice.
No automatic renewal!

In case you represent a company and you want to receive a tax (VAT) invoice, the invoice amount will increase with € 25.00 (excl. VAT) administration costs.
If so, transfer € 30,25 to our PayPal account, stating your username and company address.

GPScoordinates.eu is an initiative of ARiS websitewerk

ARiS websitewerk
Marktstraat 12
NL 4527 CL Aardenburg
T: +31(0)6 107 207 28
KvK: 04068088
BTW: NL0013.89.982.B34

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